My Incredible Dragon Collection

This is going to be hard to portray without showing lots of photos. So I hope you enjoy seeing some of my most prized possessions.

It all began when I was 16 years old, back in the days when you used to browse the Argos catalogue searching for your next Christmas presents that were within your parents budget. Well this year I fell in love with a rug that had 2 Chinese dragons on it & I think it was £25. So I put my request in & on Christmas morning received my favourite present ever & 21 years later I still have & use this rug! I still love the rug, but more than that it represents the start of a life long obsession of collecting gorgeous & unusual dragons. These last few years my dragon collecting has come to a massive stop as I simply don’t have the space for any more in my home. I have had to be really strict on myself as I’m actually desperate to declutter my space, so I have to stop adding to it. I really need to be brave & employ the Marie Kondo approach, but save the dragons!

Over the many years I have been known for my many beautiful dragons, it’s usually the first thing people notice when they come into my home for the first time. People always seem amazed, they never expect it! We all have hobbies & obsessions hidden away behind closed doors, just because we don’t speak about or advertise things about ourselves doesn’t mean that we don’t have many layers or versions of ourselves. I’m surrounded by dragons all day long & they make me feel comfortable & safe in their presence. I feel at home, yet they are never a topic of conversation when I’m out & about. It’s like my hidden other self, my alter ego. I think it’s great to keep a good portion of yourself to yourself, it keeps the mystery alive as to who you truly are. Obviously I am now sharing this with you all but most people I will meet in day to day real life will not have read this & those that might have will probably be my closest friends who have already seen for themselves.

So let’s get straight to my amazing collection that keeps my heart warm & imagination alive.

It’s a good pic, I had to clear a ton of clutter & get the hoover out just to take it. I’m sure glad I did though as it felt great to see it in its entirety.

I’d like to speak about my all time favourite dragon that I own. You would not believe where I bought it from! My mum had been out sofa shopping, she arrived home with exciting news for me. She had seen a dragon picture hanging on the wall for sale & a reasonable price. I wondered why she hadn’t just bought it as it was my birthday about 2 weeks away. Once I raced down to the shop, I couldn’t believe how stunning it was. It would have made the all time best birthday present ever. But so it was, I made the purchase & hung it in my bedroom straight away. The Cosmic Rainbow Dragon “batik” in all her splendour guarding me & my family as we sleep at night.

Yes she still hangs in my bedroom, I guess I don’t want to share her energies with my visitors. She is so personal to me.

I’ve just recently read “The Cosmic Serpent” by Jeremy Narby”.  He’s an anthropologist who spent 2 years living in in the Amazon Jungle & without going into too much detail he basically saw 2 giant serpents when he took the ayahuasca brew. He could make no sense of this, but years later he started researching the visions that people have been having as serpents crop up all the time, but not only in ayahuasca visions but in other shamanic practices in other parts of the world. It seems that there are 2 main “God” like serpents, a rainbow serpent & a brown one. This rabbit hole lead him to look deeply into molecular biology & more specifically into the discovery of DNA. From his research it seems that the shamans are not having an outward experience of an illusory world but rather an inward experience all the way down to the microcosm. These are our building blocks, the twin entwined serpents are the double helix. Looking into world mythology it would seem that these serpents or sometimes dragons (serpents with wings or arms) are very prominent along with ladders reaching up to heaven or the celestial realms. Well the double helix is also a ladder too. Anyway you will have to read the book to get a better understanding as I can’t do it justice. The point is this… I’ve had this batik painting of the most beautiful rainbow dragon ever for just over 10 years & only a few months just after reading this great book, I look up at it & say “on my god that’s the rainbow serpent from creation” I mean it’s a dragon but there are no wings, it’s a bloody serpent of creation. I guess I’m missing it’s twin but for now I’m just in awe at its constant beauty & what it now represents to me.

Here’s a great article I just found about the cosmic serpent & mythology if you want to know more but don’t want to read a whole book.

I just had an insane thought… what if the children’s game Snakes & Ladders was created by a Freemason or something & it’s an accurate reflection of existence here in this 3D world? The game only ever made half sense, you climb ladders. Falling down snakes always baffled me as they’re horizontal creatures on the ground. But what if it’s analogous to climbing the ladder to ascend this world & on the other end souls fall from grace via the serpent by taking on a human (with DNA) form. A massive digression from my blog post topic but the thought hit me hard & couldn’t keep if from you.

So back to my collection. Let’s just show a few hey.

Next is another one of my pride & joys, I bought these when I was in Singapore about 9 years ago. I shipped them home so I didn’t have to carry them in my rucksack.

They had them in 3 sizes & since I couldn’t decide I bought all 3 knowing I would regret it if I didn’t as I’d not seen any like this in the UK.

Now for a few more…

Well I hope you like my dragon collection & that you feel like you know me a little better for having been here. It’s almost like you popped over for a brew.

Thanks for taking the time to read, have a fab day/week & I’ll be posting again soon.

My aim is to write about all aspects of my life, some spiritual & some not so much.

Any questions just drop me a message.

Until next blog…



My Online Blog Begins

Thanks for joining me on this new “written” journey about me & my life. I am not a writer so we shall see how well this goes. Writing a daily blog is definitely going to be a challenge for me, I have zero idea where to begin. I know that I have so many topics to discuss so basically I just need to be brutal & pick one. So in the few lines I’ve written so far I’ve just realised that I have the perfect topic for my 1st blog. This is my introduction so doesn’t count as my 1st blog. Since I choose the name Reiki Dragon Speaks I shall begin my blogging journey by writing about & showcasing my large dragon collection. Seems a good place to start.

Photo (taken by me) has nothing to do with this post, it’s just incredibly stunning. Angkor Wat (Cambodia) at Sunrise.